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Looking to host an event? Need a venue? We can help.

Our picnic grounds are a great venue for those looking to host an outdoor event. Whether it be a squadron function, family reunion, or even a birthday party, you can reserve our picnic grounds for any get-together you need.


Please refer to the image located below for the location of the pavillions

Troxell             $60

A                      $70

B                      $70

C                      $70

D                      $70 

A/B                  $80

C/D                  $80

A/B/C/D          $140

Picnic Grounds Policy


*Reservations are required for the picnic grounds and you must come IN person to complete the form*

Reservations are reserved with full payment. Availability may be checked by telephone but reservations are set with full payment. Reservations can not be held by telephone or email. Reservations are non-transferable. Patron information is subject to the Privacy Act of 1974. The park is available for use by authorized users and guests and may be utilized during regular operation hours (sun up to 10 p.m.). The park may be closed to general use for base-wide functions. Reservation periods for the calendar year open on the first working day of January each year.

Reservation Cancelation

Cancelation consists of returning your Picnic Grounds and Pavilion Reservation form to the Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC). Cancelation will not be accepted via telephone or email. Refund of full payment is authorized when cancelation is received 90 days prior to reservation date. Refunds for cancelation less than 90 days prior to reservation dates are authorized when the reservation is re-reserved. 628 Force Support Bucks are accepted as payment for squadron wide functions. No-cost reservations are authorized for base-wide or Wing-level community functions; fundraisers are excluded from this payment exemption. No other no-cost reservations are authorized

Use Policy

OFF-BASE GUESTS WILL REQUIRE AUTHORIZATION. Please contact the Visitor's Center for more information regarding guest access to the base.

Please be advised that there are no trashcans at the picnic grounds. There are dumpsters located in the parking lot that may be utilized.


There are no open fires allowed at the picnic grounds or anywhere on Joint Base Charleston.


Pets are allowed as long as they are on a leash. Please clean up any waste and dispose of it in the dumpsters.

There are charcoal grills located at the picnic grounds but no charcoal is provided. Please bring your own charcoal if you are wanting to use the grills.


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